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How To Avoid A Strata Nightmare!

16th October, 2018
Strata living is a decidedly Australian phenomena, created half a century ago in order to make  chasing the Australian dream just a tad easier. It’s since been adopted internationally as a means of giving those living in apartment blocks and shared sites greater ownership rights, freedoms and sort of self-governance. Of course though, cohabitation can easily breed conflict, and that Australian dream of ownership can devolve into a nightmare of internal squabbles and a feeling of powerlessness.

A House on the Water!

17th September, 2018
One look at a population distribution map of Australia and it’s obvious we are a people of the sea. Beaches, BBQs and a curling waves; icons of Australian culture the world over. We’re a nation of surfers, swimmers and sailors; with boat ownership experiencing a year on year rise that now sees 13% of Australian households having some sort of watercraft.

Room for One More? Multiple Families Living Under the One Roof.

22nd August, 2018
It seems an unlikely trend, but it’s one on the rise. The number of families inhabiting one dwelling remains relatively low in the grand scheme, but it’s jumped from 1% to nearly 2% in a very short period of time according to the latest census data. Younger generations are getting onto the property ladder later in life than their forebears, and baby boomers are more receptive to having their children live home for longer, or even return to live at home later in life.

Left out in the Cold: Are Seasonal Properties Right for You?

6th August, 2018
Tourism is on an upswing, with foreign visitor numbers climbing steadily every year, with a particularly large surge in visitors coming over from China. When it comes to investing though, it always pays to get creative. Targeting deep-pocketed internationals in the old titans of Sydney, Cairns and the like may seem like the best bet, but of late interest has been growing amongst domestic tourists for more specific holiday destinations.

The Hows and Whys of Rentvesting

24th July, 2018
There’s a stigma about renting, but slowly yet surely we are (thankfully) shedding ourselves of this misguided view. Renting conjures an image of stagnation, of treading water, but it can provide a solid living option in a desirable area that in turn partners well with another investment (or several). Especially for those who are just getting started on their first investments. This act, of renting one’s own primary property whilst buying and investing in property elsewhere, is what has come to be known by the snappy moniker of ‘rentvesting’.

Finding Clarity as a Castaway: What we can learn from Island Living

4th July, 2018
Isolation doesn’t always mean being alone. Here in Australia the Island life is closer at hand than you might expect, and it has the potential to tell us some interesting things about the way we live.


19th June, 2018
To maximise your potential profits on a property it pays to plan ahead and combine a good estate agent with some self-acquired knowledge of the market. You’re going to want your main focal points to be where it currently stands and where it’s heading.


5th June, 2018
Self Managed Super Funds are perceived as a relatively straightforward means to make the golden years of retirement shine that little bit brighter. The set-up and upkeep however, can be an administrative nightmare plagued by fluctuating legal technicalities. So how do you ascertain the true benefits of SMSFs?


5th June, 2018
It’s been a big year for me in all sorts of respects. I owe a lot of that to pushing myself further and harder. So I’m going to share with you what I’ve been up to, and the great many firsts of the last twelve months, as a means of inspiring and encouraging you to have more firsts in your life.


21st May, 2018
If it's not you, there is someone you know that is completely attached to their home. But as time goes on the definition of home is changing. The world isn't as big as we once believed. We can change homes, we can change countries, in a matter of no time. We are regarding experiences more important than things, and this has impacted our view of how we regard our home. From the binding of a family unit and the bedrock of memories and emotions to the modern idea that home changes.
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