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Think property investment is out of reach? Learn the strategies and techniques available to anyone to get ahead in the game, whatever your reason.

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Property Investing isn’ t really about Property, and the accumulation of houses, apartments, etc. Some people might like to treat it as game of monopoly, but the real question is, what’s your reason for wanting to accumulate more wealth?

We want to get to know you well enough so that we understand both your current situation and aspirations. This will then lead us to creating a strategy that fits best with the direction you are heading to.We don’t just work with one supplier of property products. We work with many. We do the research, through testing the product ourselves. It is only then, when we have ascertain that the product will deliver on the proposed outcomes, that we consider this product in our suite of preferred products/suppliers.

Creating a Property Investing portfolio provides you an additional revenue stream to your income. The exciting thing about this is that once you are in this space and exposed to acquiring wealth through a number of ways, your mindset and relationship with money starts to change. And change for the better. You start to balance your short term and long-term goals and feel a lot more comfortable with the decisions you make around money, even if they are big ones.

The feeling of being tied to a salary or stuck in a job can become a distant memory when you are well embedded into the journey of property investing, as it encourages you to think more laterally.

First Time Program

A one-on-one, ten session personalised property investing program for first time investors. The program covers your goals, financial status, gap analysis, and strategy and then we move into taking action to secure your first property. The key outcome is your first property investment by the completion of the program.

Cost $2,750 (incl GST).

Growth Program

For second, third and fourth time investors, Luke will tailor a program to your current situation, so you can continue to keep building your portfolio.There may also be the inclusion of other property investment strategies, if they are aligned with your goals and portfolio direction.

Program Cost – a proposal as per the outcomes you wish to achieve.

Workshop Program

The Property Investment Workshop Program, delivered in a five part webinar forum. In addition to the sessions, you will receive: Two one-on-one sessions and unlimited emails & calls with Luke, plus the First Time Program Folder.

Workshops are limited to 10 people.

Cost $825 (incl GST).

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About Luke

You could describe Luke as a property mentor, property coach, property investment advisor, but Luke the Tour Guide, fits him best, having always found himself in roles in his life where he has played the role of a Tour Guide.

Luke helps you get from A to B. A being where you are currently at, and B, being where your dreams take you.

Meet Luke

I was very sceptical about investing in property again, after previous property purchases reduced in value. Over the last two years, Luke has helped turn around my property portfolio, passing on his skills, knowledge and given feedback on potential property purchases.

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If you would like to talk to Luke about where property investing can take you, enquire here.