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What we offer

We’ve developed a series of programs and resources to help ease the headache of property investment. Whether you’d like to build a property portfolio, make your first investment, or just grow your understanding of property, we’re here to help!

The First Time Program

Ready to dip your toe in but not quite sure where to start? This program was designed for first timers, who want to see results quickly. The set aim is to have you owning your first investment property upon the program’s completion.

We’ll cover things like: Situation Review, Goal setting, Planning, Location Reviews and Settlement Checklists…

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The Growth Program

Already dipped your feet in the property pool? This program is designed for those looking to build a clear property investment strategy that supports their life goals and future aspirations.
Why spend time and resources trying to understand the market when you can gain knowledge, and build a sound strategy from an expert who already breathes it…

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Property Investment Checklist

With so much information and detail in property investment it’s easy to get a little bit lost.
We’ve created a free resource to help people navigate the fallbacks, and often overlooked details of making a property investment. This 30 Step Property Investment Guide runs through every detail and consideration involved in making an investment.

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Educate yourself so you can buy your first property/investment
21/03/2018 7:30 pm
New South Head Rd, Bellevue Hill NSW 2027, Australia

Meet Luke

Luke runs First Time Property Investment and has been involved in over 120+ property transactions throughout the Australian market, since becoming a Property Investment Coach.

He has expertise in a number of property investment strategies, including negative gearing, positive gearing, vendor finance, shared group buying, rent-vesting and renovations. He’s passionate about taking the confusion out of the property investment market for investors, to provide more options for achieving their dreams.

From the blog


21st May, 2018
A home can be the binding of a family unit and the bedrock of memories and emotions. Is this healthy? The modern idea of a home is changing, but is it for the better?


21st May, 2018
Commercial Property Investment is an excellent way that you can diversify your portfolio. Your knowledge of the population growth and economic trends key..

Size Matters: Big Apartment Block or Small, Which is Right For You?

10th May, 2018
Apartment living isn’t monolithic. When it comes to size, there’s plenty of sizes and considerations to make. It may be an emotional decision but that doesn’t make it trivial or unimportant.

I was very sceptical about investing in property again, after previous property purchases reduced in value. Over the last two years, Luke has helped turn around my property portfolio, passing on his skills, knowledge and given feedback on potential property purchases.

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